Leibniz SienceCampus InfectoOptics

Infectious diseases are one of the primary causes of death worldwide. In Germany alone, 60,000 people die from them every year. In addition, there is an increasing number of infections that are rarely cured or cannot be cured at all. Scientists in Jena from a wide variety of disciplines have begun to work together in order to work on research of infections together, in an intensified manner – they founded the Leibniz ScienceCampus InfectoOptics.

The ScienceCampus InfectoOptics, supported by the Leibniz Association, brings together infection research and optical physics, both of which are extremely strong scientific branches in Jena.

In addition to the HKI and the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena University Hospital, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI) and the University of Applied Sciences Jena also participate in the Leibniz ScienceCampus InfectoOptics. Together, they oversee interdisciplinary research projects from young researchers.